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Accrediting your training and events

Regardless of your industry, career level, job, and responsibilities, there is an increasing expectation for professionals to undergo Center for International Qualification. The CiQ Certification Service assists companies in formalising knowledge into a structured and recognised approach to meet those expectations. CiQ explains that your formally certified CiQ materials are more likely be accepted and welcomed by your audiences.

Companies wishing to accept CiQ can show their commitment through membership of The CiQ Certification Service. Member organisations receive advice and encouragement in submitting potentially qualifying CiQ materials for formal and impartial CiQ accreditation by our team of experienced CiQ Assessors.

Certification can apply to a range of activities:

There can be workshops and seminars

Conferences and events took place

Training courses offered

There are also online/eLearning options

Plus other structures forms of learning

Why accredit your learning activities?

The CiQ Certification Service collaborates with a broad range of organisations from small consultancy companies to large training organisations, multi-national corporations, conference & events organisers, academic institutions, further education colleges, local authorities, councils and Government departments.

These organisations become CiQ members so that they could:

Network with the right target audience

Provide knowledge in their field of expertise

Give organised accredited CiQ to delegates

Know market sector competitors

Get more delegate bookings for events and courses

Develop new partnerships & business opportunities

Benefits of CiQ Membership

Getting certified for your CiQ materials has a simple process. The CiQ Service gives different membership levels to match your needs and your budget. Membership levels set by an initial dialogue that leads to recommendations for your most efficient routes to market. CiQ Members can utilise key features of CiQ membership that help support business, marketing and training objectives.

Check and give advice on organisational CiQ requirements

Accreditation of programs & events, from 5 – 250+ activities per year

License to publish/use CiQ Member logo on their organisation's marketing materials

CiQ Certified symbol on approved CiQ program materials

Have their team listed on CiQ Member Directory for user validation and searching

Opportunity to publicise certified events on CiQ Event Calendar

management of delegate CiQ certificates post activity

Become a CiQ Accredited Member

CiQ is essential in helping individuals, organisations or entire industries to keep skills and knowledge up to date. Get your courses accredited today.