Apply for Accreditation

Requirements for Providers

The provider is financially stable and has sufficient cash flow to support its operations.

The provider follows ethical standards in its operations and uses a name that is not associated with any activity that can negatively impact CiQ reputation and integrity.

The provider exercises non-discrimination in its treatment of learners and members of staff.

The provider maintains and provides access to resources that appropriately support the courses it offers.

Requirements for Courses and Qualifications

All courses must be outlined clearly and easily to understand learning goals and course objectives.

All learning objectives are presented in a logical order.

All content and practice exercises in each course are objectively in line with that course’s learning goals and objectives.

Course contents must conform to the standard remit of each qualification.

Course contents must reflect the levels of qualification in each case.

Each assessment of ability or knowledge either during a course or on completion adequately assess student’s achievement for that stage and the results are clearly shown.

Accreditation Process

There are two steps of Accreditation Process

1. Firstly, accreditation as an approved provider.
2. Secondly, accreditation of the course or qualification.

Please inform us of your interests using the contact details provided on our site and we will forward you the Application Form with the details of the whole process. We will typically ask you for your standard policy documents which you use for the operation of your organisation. You are required to complete the form and return it to us with the relevant documents together with appropriate fees for the plan you choose. We will review the information and documentations you provided in accordance with our standard criteria of quality assurance to see whether they meet the minimum standards. If your application does not meet our standard requirements, we will provide you appropriate guidance for improvements. If they meet our standard criteria your organisation will receive the CiQ accreditation seal. This process can take 5-6 weeks.

After the accreditation of your organisation you will be required to submit materials of the courses and qualifications in the specified CiQ formats. Our team of assessors will review the materials and if they meet our assessment criteria your course and qualifications will receive CiQ accreditation. If they do not meet our criteria we will give you appropriate feedback for improvements. This process can take 5-6 weeks.

Choose your Plan

1-5 course
Upto 5 Courses
Fully Reviewed Course
Display CiQ seal on your site Course
Validation via our site
Re-checked every 12 months
21-100 Course
Upto 100 Courses
Fully Reviewed Course
Display CiQ seal on your site Course
Validation via our site
Re-checked every 12 months

Please complete the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you.