Policies and Procedures

Enquiries, appeals and complaints

An enquiry in this instance relates to queries regarding assessment decisions, and/or decisions made by CiQ as a result of quality issues within any of our approved providers.

A complaint is a concern about a service, or lack of service provided by CiQ or approved provider to students.

An appeal is a concern about the assessment decision given by CiQ or centre that affects a candidate. Approved providers are expected to have complaints and appeals procedures. If candidates have a complaint or an appeal, they must follow their procedures in the first instance.

CiQ will require details of the outcomes of these processes when investigating a complaint or an appeal.


When a complaint is made, CiQ will require:

A description of the problem (including when it happened)

A contact name

Unique Candidate Number (UCN) if relevant

The qualification/course title

The name and address of the Provider