The following are the common questions we receive from students seeking for accredited learning providers, courses and qualifications:


Listed below are the common questions we receive from learning providers seeking to learn more about the accreditation process:

How will I know if a distance learning course is accredited
In most cases, accredited courses by CiQ are made known by their providers by displaying our logo/quality mark. However, if you want to make sure that you will be enrolling in a course accredited by us, you can check our directory of providers offering CiQ accredited courses.
Does CiQ accredited distance learning providers offer scholarships or financial assistance to interested students?
We do not have specific information about the scholarship or financial assistance any provider offer. So, it is best to contact the distance learning provider offering your desired course of study and inquire if they have financial assistance programs that you can apply into to complete the course.
Do providers with CiQ accredited courses offer quality services to students?
Yes. Providers with CiQ accredited courses are known to deliver quality learning experience to students. As part of their commitment to improve the quality of distance learning, they adhere to the standards we have set and continuously participate in accreditation.
What types of accreditation does CiQ provide?
CiQ offers accreditation for courses, qualifications including e-learning courses and qualifications.
How does CiQ determine if a learning provider or organization meets accreditation standards?
A provider seeking to have its courses accredited is expected to prepare a comprehensive report on all aspects of its operation, including the courses it seeks to have accredited. Our accreditation team will assess the information and documentations in line with our strict standard criteria. Our accreditation team will give you feedback if improvements is necessary on any aspect of your operation or documentations. They may also visit the providers. During the visit recommendations may be made by the accrediting team to help the provider improve its courses and comply with set standards. Once all standards are met, accreditation status is awarded to the provider.
Can you guarantee accreditation for our courses and qualifications?
No. We have set standards to ensure that the courses we accredit promote high quality learning. That said, as a provider, you need to make an effort for your courses and qualifications to meet those standards. However, what we can guarantee you is support in designing and developing your study courses so they comply with our benchmarks.