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Advanced Diploma in Sewing and Fashion Design

CIQ ID: CIQ21909
Expiry Date: 30-12-2020

China is the world’s largest garment cloth exporting country. As there is a very high demand for fashionable cheap clothes, they are taking full advantage of this demand to grow an empire and make a ton of money in the process. It’s not just them though; other countries have also identified this industry as a gold mine. Now it’s your turn to take advantage and convert this idea into a profitable venture.

This advanced diploma course will help you understand the ins-and-outs of the industry by providing you with a detailed context. You will look into many contributing factors in the fashion industry such as garment details, body type, sewing machine and practices. You will also learn about different terminologies used throughout the industry, basic stitches, and different types of fabrics used. Fabric care will become easy to you as you will explore spots and stain removal, and so much more.

Much of this course will help you identify the different garments worn by men, women and children. Overall this course will help you understand the industry through and through and help you pursue your dream career in fashion.

Course Provider: john-academy istudy adams academy

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