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June 21, 2017
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Diploma in Web Hosting

CIQ ID: CIQ21909
Expiry Date: 30-12-2020

The Internet or World Wide Web is a huge expanse of countless websites. These websites can range from online shopping to photo sharing, social networking to government related information. People can hop online and check their bank account balance or talk to a relative from far away, or post a photograph of the day’s events. They can read the news and check their local TV listings. While big websites that are well known most likely use a dedicated web hosting service, smaller websites might use a different type of web hosting program. Essentially, the web host provides the memory needed as well as the bandwidth allowance that is used up when people click on a website. The Internet contains lots of different kinds of websites. These websites can be about anything you can think of, from web based shopping to photograph sharing, long range interpersonal communication to government-related data. In this course, you will learn about web hosting and what are the types of web hosting and its differences. Also, you will know what to look for in a web host and know how to work with cPanel. Lastly, you would know how to setup your website and decide the best domain name that will suit you.

Course Provider: john-academy istudy adams academy

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